December 8, 2019 Tapestry Needle Felt Class North Common Arts Café Chelsea, Vt 10-3 p.m. $55.00

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Tapestry needle felting is a technique that uses barbed needles to decorate a felt surface with design. In this class, students may begin with a stencil, or design their own small tapestry. We will combine simple shapes, and lots of color choices, to create a beautifully unique and personal piece.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned felter, this class offers lots of fun, guidance, tips and inspiration, while building your needling skills, and gaining design experience.

Yarn & Fiber Characteristics

Robin Russo

October 2019 – This hands-on class with Robin Russo, will help participants to understand how the properties of fiber become the properties of yarn and how that affects the products we make, whether we spin, knit, weave or felt. We will be exploring the world of fibers: where they come from and how they grow and then handle the fibers examining their characteristics under magnification. Finally, we will dissect yarns to see how fiber, twist and ply affect the look, feel and durability of the products we ultimately knit or weave.

Mohair & More

Robin Russo

October 2019 – In this spinning class with Robin Russo, we will explore Cashmere, Mohair, Pygora and Cashgora goat fibers. After exploring the history, geography, industrial uses and the fiber properties of each of these animals, we will card, comb and spin samples of each fiber in their natural and dyed colors. Finally, we will experiment with blending with other fibers to make the best use of the special properties of these luxurious fibers.Robin Russo

Sheep Mug Rug & Small Projects Class

Neysa Russo

October 17, 2019 – The first project we will create, will be an adorable sheep mug rug coaster. You will learn how to sculpt using felting needles, needling tiny locks of wool to cover the head and neck. A simple poking motion will shape the contours and special features, sculpting them into a three-dimensional shape. As time allows, we will combine simple design shapes and lots of color choices, trying a bit of tapestry needle felting to create beautifully unique dresses for angel ornaments. Once the dress is complete, we will assemble and add a hairstyle using locks of curly wool or braids. An endless bounty of inspiration, as you immerse yourself in the craft of needle felting. Both the beginner and experienced felter will have fun making these simple projects!

Florentine Bird Tapestry

Neysa Russo

October 18, 2019 – Simple design shapes and lots of colors, combine to create a Florentine Bird Tapestry. You will learn how to needle felt fanciful and elaborate flowers, simplistic singing birds, ferns, vines and leaves. Though we will all be working on the same theme, each tapestry will exhibit the unique and personal characteristics of the artist within you. Along the way, you will build your needling skills, gain design experience and experiment with color. While we needle, we can talk about inspiration, composition, color choices, needle varieties & fiber. Beginners and experienced needle felters are welcome!