Beginner & experienced felters are welcome!

TWO more classes scheduled! If you missed out before, I hope you can make it to one of these:

March 22, 2020 & April 11, 2020

Students have been completing some amazing tapestries. If you have already done the class, come AGAIN and we can find something fresh for you to work on!

John C. Campbell Folk School

Immerse yourself in felt for an entire week! Students may expect to accomplish some substantial tapestry work in this class. Realize your felting dreams & desires in large or small scale. Beginners are Welcome!

Adorable results, in a really fun class! You will learn to use the felting needles to form and sculpt the 3D head. Using a slightly different barbed felting needle, you will create the flat body, and then stitch the two together. You will learn all the skills you need to go on creating more animal mug rugs, or simply, sculpting with wool!

March 14th 10-3 pm in Bradford, at the NEW Studio! Pre-registration is required.

Sheep Mug Rug Class

Registration for Sheep Mug Rug Class


Think you have what it takes?

Lets try a BIG ONE! This ‘large tapestry’ project will NOT be completed in one class session. In the first class, we will all meet on MARCH 21st. We will make final decisions about your desired tapestry, do the color planning and I will show you how to go about it (including the secret weapons I use). We will regroup on April 12th (or whatever is convenient), tackle any problems that you may have, check on progress, and I will be here to guide you until it is complete. Once the weather warms up (May?) and you have finished your tapestry, we will wet felt them. The wet felting is an important part of the process. Because everyone will work at a varied pace, the final class may not be together as a group. I have many designs to choose from, that may be modified in any way, or you may have your own idea for a scene to create? Join me at The Felting Studio in Bradford, Vermont for a fun class of needle felting. 551 Lower Plain Unit A Bradford, Vt (nearly across from Hannafords) We’ll get it done... and yes… this handsome dragon is also an option for the class! Below is a sampling of some of the other designs available.

Large Tapestry Class

Large Tapestry Class Reservation


Vermont Quilt Festival

Vermont Quilt Festival June 25th, 2020 8:30 a.m. -3:30 p.m.

In this day long class, students will learn to design and create their own wool fabric. Together in class, we will create a wall hanging which might also be used for your own quilting projects! You will have an enormous selection of colors to choose from, with an infinite possibility for various combinations, to create something personal and unique. Plus it is FUN and the results happen very quickly. By the end of the day, you will be a pro.

Vermont Quilt Festival Saturday June 27, 2020 8:30-11:30

Join me for a really fun, short class, no quilting involved, no sewing either. We will create these beautiful angels by needle felting. A simple needling technique that uses barbed needles to decorate a felt surface with design. We will combine simple design shapes and lots of color choices, to create beautifully unique and personal dresses for each ornament. Once the dress is complete, we will assemble and add a hairstyle using locks of curly wool or braids. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned felter, this class offers lots of fun, guidance, tips and inspiration for you to continue your journey with wool felt.

Beekman Arms Hotel Rhinebeck, NY October 16, 2020

ENJOY a fun-filled needle felting class, in the warmth and comfort of the beautiful and historic, Beekman Arms Hotel. An assortment of beverages will be provided to you during class! (lunch may also be purchased for an additional fee). This class is in the heart of Rhinebeck Village. Parking is available at no cost, and there are many options for food nearby.

Needle felting is a technique that uses barbed needles and carded wool to decorate a felt surface with design. Simple design shapes and lots of colors combine to create a Florentine Bird Tapestry. We will all begin with a simple tree, bending its way to the top of the canvas. You will learn how to needle felt fanciful and elaborate flowers, simplistic singing birds, ferns, vines and leaves. Though we will all be working on the same theme, each tapestry will exhibit the unique and personal characteristics of the artist within you. Working on the dark background eliminates the need to outline and makes the design shapes and colors pop. Along the way, you will build your needling skills, gain design experience and experiment with color. While we needle, we can talk about inspiration, composition, color choices, needle varieties, fiber and many techniques and tricks are offered to keep your felting moving forward. Beginners are welcome!

Florentine Bird


April 4th, 2020 from 10-3

Tapestry Needle Felting Class. Complete a tapestry approximately 15 in sq. Learn the craft of felting, and the art of design, come with your own idea, use, or modify one of my stencils… It is simple! Once completed your small piece may be used as a wall hanging, or sewn into a pillow or a purse.

Tapestry Class


Wallet Class

Make a beautifully decorated wallet or pouch for your special items, or electronics. Kindle, Ipod, cell phone, sewing notions, important documents, knitting needles, etc. MANY more pictures are coming soon, this should be a fun one. I am still working on the details so bear with…. but basically any shape/size.