Medieval Angel Tapestry Felting Kit



Beginners Welcome! This kit comes with everything you need, ready to go. Open the bag and begin stabbing! What really makes my kits stand apart from the rest? I provide you with the highest quality ingredients to ensure your success. The dyed wool is carded, not combed. I have a picture demonstrating the two types of wool preparation here in this listing. Combed wool is not meant for tapestry style felting, that is the wool on the right of the picture and you can see that all the fiber strands have been organized going in the same direction. A piece of one inch thick foam insulation board is included. The firm surface grabs the fiber strands which helps to secure them in place and prevents your hand from bouncing. The needle can penetrate the board easily, bringing the fiber strands with it. The needles are European and less brittle and coarse than the needles from China. They are a 38 Triangular Each kit takes about 8 hours to complete for someone new to the technique and is great for Ages 8+. Your finished design will make a lovely wall hanging, or if you prefer, it will make a beautiful purse or pillow if wet felted for durability. Finished size is approximately 13×14 inches. A kit is a great way to begin your needle felting journey! Like all of my kits, these designs are original and done by me personally. A lot of time and care go into the production of my kits to ensure your success. I hope you enjoy! Neysa