Felting Supplies


A work in progress!

If you need any supplies, just contact me by email at neysa.russo@live.com or, check out the Etsy shop following the above link and NOW you may also STOP BY the shop! If you are in New England and looking for felting supplies? Come check out the inventory. I sell a lot more than just kits. I carry pre-felt in 20 colors, which is used as your blank canvas, the proper needles (from Europe, not China), the best needling boards (foam insulation from the lumberyard), and over 100 colors of the perfect short stapled carded wool for all your needling needs.

DIY Kits available

The kits come with the materials & instructions that you will need to complete the design, including a stencil, 2 needles, two layers of the pre-felt base, colored fleece and a needling board. Ages 8+