Tapestry Felting Kits

In an effort to continually stifle small business with ridiculous rules and regulations, the Supreme Court has decided to force internet businesses to charge sales tax according to the state that the product is being shipped to, rather than where it was sold. I was told, in a recent audit of my account, by the State of Maine, that as an internet retailer I am obligated to file sales tax for every state where orders have shipped, rather than simply collecting the tax for my state. Is that ridiculous? You BET! The State of Connecticut charged $100 for the privilege of selling there, and CONTINUOUS monthly filing requirements! Imagine that times 52! I am simply incapable of bothering with it all, and feel once again “beaten down” by a system that has no interest in allowing small business to flourish. I am removing the ability to purchase items here on my website, so visit the Etsy shop if you need to purchase anything.

Dragon Felting Kit

If you need any supplies, just contact me by email at neysa.russo@live.com or, check out the Etsy shop following the above link and NOW you may also STOP BY the shop! If you are in New England and looking for felting supplies? Come check out the inventory. I sell a lot more than just kits. I carry pre-felt in 20 colors, which is used as your blank canvas, needles, the best needling boards (foam insulation from the lumberyard), and over 100 colors of the perfect short stapled carded wool for all your needling needs.

Florentine Bird Tapestry

Great Heron

Angel Ornament Felting Kit

International Orders, please use the CONTACT NEYSA RUSSO page, supply your mailing address, and I will quote you a shipping rate.